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  IT Service Operation Management Toolkit: Designing, Implementing, and Managing World-Class IT Service Operation Processes
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  • 25 Ready to use documents
  • 253 pages in total
  • 58 images and mindmaps
  • 12 Template processes/agreements
  • 2 in-depth presentations
  • 4 Excel Self Assessments

Design, implement, and manage world-class IT Service Operations.

  • Develop bullet-proof processes
  • Implement proven systems management techniques
  • Streamline your IT infrastructure—regardless of size

IT Operations Management describes the process of managing any IT infrastructure to achieve optimum stability, efficiency, and responsiveness. By understanding and harnessing proven operations management techniques, organizations can leverage their IT investment in powerful new ways.

This accessible, but comprehensive Toolkit:

  • Offers an insider's perspective on all the disciplines of It Operations Management
  • Allows focused study for professionals concerned with any of the key systems management areas-people, process, and technology
  • Describes how to develop, integrate, and manage robust, bulletproof processes

IT Operations Management is designed for IT professionals involved in designing, implementing, and managing any part of IT Service Operations Management. 

Service Operations provides daily monitored services and handling your customer service requests to meet agreed service levels and increase customer satisfaction.

The processes identified under service operations work together to monitor, maintain, improve, and report on your IT services. These processes provide command and control capabilities, as well as continuous service improvement and support for the IT environment. They also help you maintain customer satisfaction by managing day-to-day IT customer service requests and confirming that service quality meets agreed-upon levels.

Effective and efficient customer service has a critical impact on customer acquisition, customer retention and cost management. Service operations that are tailored to the needs of key customer segments - while balancing quality and cost objectives - play an integral role in any company's success.

The Art of Service has supported more than 1,000 projects involving IT and service-center networks, service operations, and call centers or self-service. Integrating our work here with ITIL and proprietary research on customer loyalty, we offer an analytical approach to understanding customer interactions and needs - the service management approach - proven with best-in-class companies.

Our work helps companies boost revenues 10 to 30 percent and cut costs 10 to 30 percent while improving service levels.


The Art of Service's Service Operation Toolkit begins

  • by deepening a company's understanding of which customers are most profitable and what their needs are.
  • It examines methods of differentiating service and evaluate how effective current systems are at meeting customer needs and profit objectives.
  • Then it helps you to design pragmatic ways to make service more effective on all levels.
  • Last, The Service Operation Toolkit helps you to create metrics to track improvements in service.


Here are The 25 Exclusive Templates in the Service Operation Toolkit:

  • 253 pages in total
  • 58 images and mindmaps
  • 12 Template processes/agreements
  • 2 in-depth presentations
  • 4 Excel Self Assessments
  1. Toolkit Roadmap - Service Operation
  2. Toolkit Introduction Presentation - Service Operation
  3. Sourcing roles and responsibilities
  4. Service Sourcing Structures
  5. Service Operation ITIL V3 Presentation
  6. Service Operation Guide ITIL V3
  7. Service Desk Technology
  8. Service Desk Outsourcing template
  9. Service Desk - Roles and Responsibilities
  10. Service Desk  Review Document
  11. Service Desk-  Metrics
  12. Problem Ticket Template
  13. Problem Management Review Document
  14. Problem & Known Error Category Definition
  15. Outsourcing - Sourcing Strategy Presentation
  16. Known Error Ticket Template
  17. ITIL V3 Incident Management Process Flow Diagram
  18. ITIL Service Operation Readiness Assessment
  19. Incident Ticket Template
  20. Incident Management Reports KPI\'s & other metrics
  21. Incident Management Objectives and Goals
  22. Incident Management - Roles and Responsibilities
  23. Incident Category Definition Document
  24. Example Service Desk Project Plan
  25. Example Outsourcing Contract template

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